2018 July week 2

We traveled to Hungry Horse, Montana to spend 10 days at Mountain Meadow RV Resort. Not sure anymore on what they mean by resort. It was a campground next to the main road to Glacier National Park and reservations in February were hard  to come by.

We did enjoy our stay. The  first day we traveled the west side to Polebridge. Small spot on the road with a general store and a saloon. We hiked Hidden Meadows trail until it disappeared and then return to the car. The interior park road was closed so we had to travel back the same way.

Getting up early the next 2 days we managed to get parking at 4 of the trail heads we wanted. These were on the Going to the Sun Road. Beautiful drive and scenery. Elevation overall was lower than our home in Black Forest so not bad for oxygen.

Taking a break we went to Karispell and Whitefish to take in some local views. The following day we went to MacDonald Lodge and Apgar village to walk around. Then we finally made our way to Many Glacier Lodge on the east side. Did a hike around the lake and part of another trail.

It was  a fantastic stop. But the days have been warm.

Preparing to leave  we realized the next stop had given us a site with water and electric only so we canceled that and Linda found MarDon Resort in Othello, Washington. This meant not spending any time in Idaho as we transverse the northern portion for the 65 or so miles.

We are vacationing from our vacation outside a town with less  than 600 for a population. I think there were 600 people here this past weekend.20180709_18563120180710_08492120180710_10220920180710_10281120180710_13020920180711_06331220180711_07140620180711_07271320180711_07334720180711_07363520180711_07423620180711_08011120180711_08125620180711_08140020180711_08142220180711_08215020180711_09410820180711_10132120180711_10305220180711_10485320180711_13002120180714_07294520180714_07344220180714_08235920180714_09511920180714_10024520180715_07400720180715_08580820180715_10065120180715_13431720180716_11395620180716_153413