April 2018

Okay so I am a little behind in our travels. Did get out the laptop to see what I can do.

My last day of work we March 30th in which co-workers gave me a great send off even if I did have to hang out till 5 and go to the bar. It was a great day and a good evening.

April 1st we continued out tradition of 8 a.m. service followed by breakfast with the Morris family. It was a super  morning. The afternoon saw us doing last minute packing and cleaning. Then we pulled out and headed for the Garden of the Gods RV Resort for a one month stay.

Monday morning saw us at the title company closing on the house. We were officially what some are calling homeless. We call it Freedom.

There were Doctor visits, financial work, Eyeglasses  to be had and other this to get in order. We did trade in the truck which was great and picked up a 2014 Jeep wrangler Sport Soft top. Once that was completed we returned to CarMax and sold  the escape for over what I was expecting. Then we had to take the rig to the shop to get it retrofitted for towing.

There were some fun days. Movies in the middle of the week, hikes, Rampart Range road because traffic was backed up in Garden of  the Gods at Balanced Rock. Linda saw the turn for the road so detour to McDonald. Nice drive. Waldo Canyon fire sights were a remembrance.

The weather was cold at night with a number of below freezing temps but the furnace works well. We did go through 80 pounds of propane and had to disconnect to go refill.

May 1st saw us pulling out and heading to Arizona for some hot times.

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