May 2018 week 3

Week 3 started us moving a couple of more hours down the road in the southern direction. To the high desert we traveled, destination Benson KOA.

First stop was an unimproved road to the Rancho Maria Winery. The claim to fame is the smallest licensed winery in Arizona. Family owned and run. Grapes are in his back yard and the operation is run by solar power and a container buried in a hillside for storage. Great dry fruitful wine. Notice the Adams State University shirt. Shannon went to college there.

Another trip was to Cochise Stronghold National Monument in the Dragoon Mountains. Did some hiking and enjoyed  the scenery. the return trip took us by Chiricahua National Monument but it was closed, so on to Fort Bowie.

Once at the Fort Bowie “site”, there we saw the Butterfield stagecoach crossing and in the distance could see some of the forts remains. It was a good place for lunch. The Apache Pass Road ten took us past the entrance to the trail was down hill 1 1/2 miles to the site.

Having already done our hike and  walk around  the top of the hill (Mountain) we passed on this stop.

We completed the circle by jumping on interstate 10 and passing through Wilcox. We hit Main Street where there where members and friends of the VFW standing in front of their building with American Flags. Down the road we were stopped at an intersection as numerous motorcycles past on their wall to the wall. It was a great site to see.

Another trip took us to Bisbee, another old mining town. After lunch Linda drove some of the narrow streets to look at the old and old/refurbished homes. Narrow roads to say the least. On the way back we stopped by Tombstone. Having been there a couple of times before, we just strolled up and down the main street before heading home.

We attended Peace in the Valley Lutheran Church. It was a warm welcome and a wonderful service.

Other days and times are filled with shopping, cleaning and other necessary household chores. It is home with 6 wheels and a 340 diesel engine. Of course our jeep is a dream for getting around.

wine tasting room



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