May 2018 week 4

This time we traveled a long ways away. A whole 25 miles to Kartchner Caverns State Park. Like every state park we have been to there is no sewer hookup so things change a little. Like showering in the facilities they provide. But the park is a joy to be at. Large spaces with plenty of room between sites and loaded with mesquite trees. The TV reception with our antenna picked up 5 channels. four from Mexico and one from the US. It was NBC so watched game 1 outside.

Our first venture in this new spot was to Patagonia State Park an a nature hike with bird viewing. We are not birders but saw plenty of them. It was a cool morning for a hike. Again I think Arizona has a lot of beautiful State parks. Well maintained. Tried to hit another winery on the circle back but it was closed with no hours on it. Lesson learned is for small wineries – call ahead.

We did take the Foothills loop trail together. It was about 4 miles around the caverns. I took the side trip up to the overview lookout.

Finally took a cave tour. No pictures allowed but it is a living cave in that it is for the most part sealed off and still growing. The discovery center is interesting. This is an amazing place to visit. Highly recommended is passing by. There a helmet and light hike on Saturday evenings. I enjoyed that just as much as it is more  informal and you travel in a smaller group and  chat along the way.

On morning was an early rise (nothing new) but wanted to take a longer hike inn the park. So I combined the Ocotillo trail with the foothills trail. Great eight mile hike with cooler weather.

We want to go to Fort Huachuca and  the Buffalo Soldiers Museum but it was a 2 hour wait for a background check. I made the decision to leave and come back the next time through. Maybe in December.

During our two weeks in the area we passed through the border checks about 6 times. A few of them being the same ones.

The rest of the month we made two one night stops while returning to Colorado Springs. there was  a stop at Las Cruces and an overnight in Las Vegas, NM. We past by White Sands but hope to be back in December of January.

At Las Vegas, the Albuquerque  boys choir was in town to sing at a Senior Center. So that evening we where there they preformed at the KOA.

The next day saw us on the road for a fun filled packed week in the Springs area.



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