2018 June week 3 & 4

After Westcliffe we took the trek through Denver, not as bad  as I thought for Denver traffic. We pulled into Ft. Collins Lakeside for the evening. this getting us off  the freeway and traveling the US 287 the next day to Laramie where once again we were on the interstate. Exiting in Rawlins Wyoming. This stop had to destinations for us to get on our list  of things to do.

Second, which we did first, was to get to Independence Rock. The history of which is on the Oregon trail. this landmark was  to be reached on or before July 4th to make it though the mountains to the coast before winter  set in. On out trip there we stopped at Martin’s Cove. This was a site of two Mormon handcart companies rescues.  Having left on their journey to late they encountered winter weather. the opening in the rock, you can see from Independence Rock is called Devils Gate. Very nice historical stop. A little crowded from the BLM hilltop overview (picture included). Then onto Independence Rock and a 2 mile hike around and up the rock. Also looking at some names  and dates carved into the rock.

Day two was a trip to Rock Springs to see our niece Dorothy. An important part of this trip. She is the manager of Boot Barn there. If passing through please stop by and say hello. She took us to Flaming Gorge Reservoir. The dam tour was closed so onto the restaurant we went. After lunch we completed the 90 mile trip around the reservoir.

Being in the west all these years and finding a hat in Tombstone we went to Boot Barn where I picked up a pair of boots. Finally getting cowboy upped. Then it was onto a microbrew for a quick one and to meet David.

Getting late Dorothy came back to our home for dinner and to be our overnight guest. It was a great visit. Super happy we had this time together, sad to say I did not take one picture of us together.

Back on the road and off the interstate we traveled north to Cody. The town founded by Buffalo Bill and who help create the east entrance to Yellowstone.

Again we stayed outside of town at a trout farm/camping spot. Did some tourist things, a little fishing and a trip to an Interment Camp site. They have a lot of stories and a couple of buildings. Sad part of American history. Having lived in San Diego and known some Nesei who as children spent some time in these camps, it was an honor to visit the site.

After 4 nights and three full days it was off to Helena. Actually it is a town of Townsend on the Canyon Ferry Lake. It is 38 miles outside of Helena.

Yesterday, June 30, was  spent in Helena. A train/trolley tour. A visit to the RC Cathedral, a short walk through downtown and a trip up an outdoor mall.

stop light for bridge work


Bill Cody had this built



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