2018 July week 1

On July 3rd we traveled up the road to Missoula. Back to a bigger city with traffic. The Fourth of July stared out with a river walk in the cool morning air. We wandered downtown to the San Xavier Church, the county Courthouse. Then it was off  to the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula. Lots of different things to see and watch. A sawmill, Library train car used  to get books to the miners, a fire tower as well as going into the military museum.

We hiked Water Works hill for an overview of  the city (plus getting the 3 mile hike uphill). We also hit an mall to walk around and cool off.

Another day we went to the National Bison Reserve and a trip to Lolo with a verified camp site of Lewis and Clark on the Discovery Expedition (September 1805 and June 1806).

Running low on supplies we took a trip to a local grocery store, Orange Street market. We found all sorts of good looking fresh meats. We bought bacon, bison and assorted beefs. very thing was fresh and the butcher was a great person to converse with.

Saturday morning found us at the Farmers Market near the river walk. We supplied ourselves with fresh bread, fruit (huckleberries), vegetables, sheep cheese (two types) and fresh sausages.

Fully stocked up, Sunday was a cleaning laundry kind of day. Getting ready to “Get back on the road again”. Great town, great fun and a really nice campsite.



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