2018 July Week 3 and 4

Wow it has been a few weeks. Well not much happened in week two. We stayed at MarDon Resort. Nice camp site. Lake was a little disappointing as the temps were in the high 80’s to low 90’s and the algae was a little to much for me to go swimming but we did kayak for a couple of hours and then took a shower. We managed to make it to a winery Foxy Roxy owned buy a widow who was running a large apple orchard. The name was not selling so she was going to have to switch it at the request of some of here clients (restaurants). We picked up a six pack. Mostly kicked back.

We also took a day trip to Coulee Dam which supplies 60% of the power to the northwest. Great history behind the building of this dam. It is bigger than Hoover Dam though no as tall.

Week 3 saw us arrive in Leavenworth, Washington. A bavarian themed town. Population of 1965 residents but hundreds of tourists. It was a timber town for the railroad. When the railroad relocated (left town) the city came up with this after learning about Solvang in California. lots of food and drink on the main strip.

Our camp site was in phase two and provided no trees but a nice view of the mountains and trees.  We went to Cashmere to see the 9/11 memorial. They included all the war vets of all the foreign wars.

We enjoyed a day hike around the river in a national trail area. The FS7660 (forest road) was a little rough and we ended up blowing out a front seal. So after a day for tubing down another river we were off to Wenatchee for repairs. This provided the opportunity to stop at Ohme Gardens.

We did hit the shops one day to get a flavor of the town and enjoyed a German dinner.

Early one evening I got to see the fire helicopter fly over 5 or 6 time on their way to a wide part of the river to load up and fly back.

A day of cleaning and resting saw us preparing for a trip to the coast. It was time for some cool weather and to see family.

Note there are no pictures of the tubing as I lost my water proof camera of 10 years in the last 1/2 mile.20180720_16323920180720_16333120180721_12041220180724_11535320180724_11550220180727_15263220180721_13503720180727_14342620180722_12223220180727_15281720180723_06205520180727_18273220180723_20190720180724_09163020180728_09501320180728_10133920180728_11442020180728_11443420180728_19250220180728_19251320180729_09561320180729_09562920180729_10051720180729_10213320180729_11130720180729_11142420180731_09455520180731_13333620180731_13451620180731_15204920180801_11583820180801_11595020180801_12063420180801_12315920180801_12334920180801_13351720180802_13142220180803_13030220180803_13014320180803_130120

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