2018 August week 2

After the Burlington stop we mad our way down to Kent to stay at the Seattle/Tacoma KOA. Not the best campground around but a place to get to Seattle and Tacoma. We were 2 plus mile from the light rail.

The first day we stopped by the Hydroplane Museum to remember out days in San Diego in the early 70’s when we attended a few years in a row. It was a great museum. They still run some of the old boats for show.

We made two trips to Seattle. Took the Hop on hop off bus tour to get around. Took the monorail to the Space Needle but opted out about going up. Although retired, time is limited each day. We walked around the Space Needle then back onto the bus. Stops at International Square and Chinatown. Past the two stadiums. The second day we went on the Underground Tour. This is where they raised the city by 10 feet or more and turned the mud flats into a working harbor. The  first  floor of the buildings are now the basement. with tunnels connecting them. Then to the Smith Tower build in 1914 and was the tallest building west of the Mississippi, It survived the 1939 earthquake. After walking around the viewing platform we had a drink. We then proceeded to Pikes Market for lunch and shopping.

We rested a day before making the drive to Tacoma and going to Browns Point Lighthouse. The next stop was Point Defiance State Park for a walk through the gardens and out along the water front. In the park is Fort Nisqually Living History Museum. It is a fort that has been moved around and added to. The  5 mile drive through the old growth forest was super.

We did drive to the Ballard Locks to see the boats transition from Seattle Bay to Washington lake. Not only an elevation change but also the fresh to salt water control.

Our last trip from this location was a ferry ride to Bremerton. After a stop for brunch, we toured the USS Turner Joy. It’s history is short as far as naval ships go but.. It was involved in the Gulf of Tonkin incident which helped Johnson escalate the Vietnam “conflict”. It also had the order to fire the last shot the landed a few minutes before the ceasefire went into affect. We then went to the Puget Sound Naval Museum. it was all about the role of the Puget sound it shipyard and the boats and ships station, build and repaired there. The USS Stennis, Aircraft Carrier, was in port and the display in the museum gave a section to life on board.

After 10 days here, it was time to move to the Olympic Peninsula.



One thought on “2018 August week 2

  1. Ray
    Enjoyed the pictures of Seattle. We also toured the locks while we were there. Interesting to see the boats go through. Wouldn’t mind going back to Seattle to see more sites. But running up and down the side of the hill is not really for me.

    Allen and Carol


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