2018 August week 3

After a small tight space that had road noise and parties in Kent, Washington it was time to move to Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula. We found ourselves in a small quiet grass and concrete site. The only problem here was the smoke from fires all around. Fires on the peninsula did not help.

Tuesday we went to a lavender farm. Afterwards we walked  the downtown tourist area and found a wine tasting room. We had to enter as we were  looking to find a wine to take to Court And Chrissy Hanna’s house for an upcoming visit. So we tasted and talked about the area with young lady serving us. we ended buying another 6 pack.

Wednesday we  travels to Silverdale to have a very enjoyable day visiting with Linda’s step brother and his wife. It was a super visit. Court being the chef as a sideline cooked up a fantastic salmon grilled. Had a super salad and vegetables. Wow-what a treat. We had a super visit and it made for a wonderful fast day.

The next day we headed for the Sequim State Park and enjoyed walking around. There is a trail that follows the coast. We just hiked part of it.

Later in the week we headed to the coast to see the Pacific Ocean. We took a hike up the coast to a destination they call Hole in the Wall. The tide was coming in so we did not get to hike through it. On the way back we stopped at Hurricane Ridge. It was an uphill drive in the fog. Between the fog and smoke there was  not much of a view. We did some more hiking on the trail around the visitor center.

Saturday was the big hike. There is a light house on the end of a long sand bar or spit. Dungeness N.W.R. was created but land sliding into the sea. It needs to be done at low tide or you may have to walk over large driftwood pieces. It was 5.5 miles to the lighthouse so an 11 mile day. Nice to walk along the beach again. The lighthouse view was a good overview of  the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

Needless to say Sunday was a church morning and a rest day as we were on the road again Monday.20180820_15563120180821_11253120180821_11250020180821_10563420180823_12271620180823_12322720180824_09524120180824_09592820180824_10121520180824_10300820180824_10301820180824_10401820180824_10402320180824_14555020180824_15105020180824_15400820180825_08554420180825_08565020180825_09000320180825_10154320180825_10145520180825_10561320180825_10564020180825_11053520180825_11052320180825_11342420180825_11580620180825_12012220180825_14232420180825_145802

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