2018 August week 4

Our last week in August was our last stop in Washington. Staying at Brook Hollow RV Park in Kelso. We are back on track for following the Corp of Discovery trail better known the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Ready for another drive we traveled to Cape Disappointment. We did find and stop at the last covered bridge in use in Washington. At the Cape there was an interpretive center. After walking up a hill to the center, we were able to get an overview of part of the Columbia River, as the fog did not permit a clear view. After walking into the center the lighthouse and the view below disappeared. We then took the mile hike to the lighthouse. Again up and down to reach the destination.

We then wet to the North lighthouse which was closer to the parking lot. While there were tours to the top of this one we did not go as the fog did not allow any views.

Then traveling to Astoria to Fort Clatsop  took us to Oregon. The fort is a recreation of the winter home of the Expedition that came from the sketches in the journal.

We did take a day off and walked downtown Longview after a stop at the visitor center for a picture with Sasquatch. We did miss the convention but did learn about the squirrel bridges and  the squirrel festival held once a year.

On the list of things to do and see was Mount St. Helens. The eruption in May 1980 took 1500 feet of the top and created a disaster but a lot was learned scientifically. It made geologist look back on other old volcano shapes. Super stops to learn the history of and see how thing have returned.

The last thing we did was walk a couple of miles around Sacagawea City Park. The Japanese Botanical garden and passing a couple of squirrel bridges mad got a great day.

All of this on my new hiking shoes as the other pair fell apart. We had a great week. the park had a dike and trail near by and several walks on this made  a great morning or evening walk.

It was time to pack up and head for Oregon on September 3rd.20180827_16031320180829_09395520180829_09370020180829_10460220180829_10475120180829_10481020180829_10530920180829_12500820180829_13464720180829_13470620180829_15295920180829_14491220180830_11535320180830_12384120180830_12531820180901_10261920180901_12062220180901_13020320180901_13435420180901_14530320180901_14532620180901_16011220180901_16012620180829_145718

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