2018 September week 1

It has been 7 weeks but will try to catch up today. Excuses are we have been busy, I have been lazy and bad to no internet/wifi connections.

We traveled to the town of Cascade Locks. This is along the Columbia River in Oregon and the place where the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) crosses the river. While here we learned about the formation of the gorge, some history of the area and drove some scenic roads. And I took a hike along the PCT just to sample it.

We did take a sternwheeler day cruise down the river through the Bonneville Lock. It drops the river 60-70 feet in 12 minutes but for the sternwheeler it was only 7 minutes to flood it to get back up.

The Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum had a fishing wheel that they used to fish salmon out of the river by channeling them into an area and using a wheel to get the out. Was outlawed in the early 1900’s.

The Bridge of the Gods is an engineering feet and replaces a land bridge the local natives say was there years ago. About 7000 years ago during the melting of the ice age, ice and rocks 1000 feet tall raced down from prehistoric Lake Missoula, Montana and washed it away.  This created the severe drop in the river. Most pioneers had to now go by land to the coast after floating down the Columbia. Some tried to go through. Some made it others not so fortune.

Did meet some people hiking through the PCT. A fellow employee made the trek this year. It is a trail that is 2650 miles long from close to the Mexican border to Canada.

We did drive to The Dalles, a city, which is also a place in history for the pioneers traveling west.

Fast week but very enjoyable.20180906_12201320180906_14260520180906_14525320180906_14573920180906_15122920180906_15481820180908_14140620180909_07381520180909_07521220180909_09543720180909_09010020180909_10311820180909_12012220180909_11452820180909_12093120180909_12422020180909_12352920180909_12312720180905_09072320180905_09150020180905_10071120180905_10231520180905_10304220180905_10354220180905_10382320180905_10383620180905_10410920180905_10414220180905_10443220180905_11361920180905_12515620180905_13100820180905_15054120180905_15162220180906_11015720180906_12061320180906_142605120180906_145253120180906_145739120180906_15151620180906_154818120180908_14140020180908_141406120180908_14235920180909_073815120180909_075212120180909_095437120180909_090100120180909_09545720180909_103118120180909_120122120180909_11455320180909_120931120180909_124220120180909_1231271





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