2018 September week 2 & 3

We made a short stop at Bend, OR before going to Diamond Lake for 10 days. At diamond Lake we had no internet/wifi. No cable or tv. About as far as you can get “roughing it” in a class A motorhome.

In Bend we went to the lava tube and hiked halfway in. the darkness got to Linda and the uneven floor make it a little hazardous to walk. So at half mile in we decided it was to slow and we wanted to hit the lava field. The second day we took an afternoon and walked to their river mall and up a path along the river.

Then unto Diamond Lake located a few miles north of Crater Lake. Three trips through the park, a few hikes and some rim walking. Then there were the side trips to the Rouge river. National Falls was a side trip and then there was the Natural Bridge. Also included a lunch stop at  the only eatery within about 25 miles. I did 2 mornings of fishing and caught some rays of sun and beautiful peace and quiet. there was the 7 mile hike to the Lodge up the road for another lunch.

At trip to Chiloquin for some internet service and connect with our daughter. While there we did get some gas along the way. Vey few towns and services on the east side close to the park. Nice art gallery and small town.

It  was a great place to rest and get out of  the rat race known as life. With the parks being full of tourist it was nice to be camping in the middle of no where. I think I am starting to sound like a hermit after reading this.

We are rested and ready to get back to wifi and cable.20180912_10494220180912_10503420180912_11450020180912_12383220180912_12392820180912_12414720180912_12442920180912_12494820180912_12533020180912_14100120180912_14130620180914_16053120180914_16121120180915_10252020180915_10400120180915_12062520180915_13131120180915_14092820180915_15041320180916_15544420180916_16105420180916_18362120180917_09341720180918_10465620180918_10510620180918_13281320180918_14501320180918_14521220180918_15032720180918_15045420180918_15185120180920_12585820180921_10571420180921_11090320180921_11151520180921_12082020180921_12102020180921_12175720180921_12353120180921_150741

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