2018 September week 4

Moving down the I-5 corridor, thru the Delta fire area. I can report the clean-up along the freeway has begun. trees are coming down logs are being hauled away and branches are being chipped.

We needed some maintenance work done as well as a couple of issues with the rig. So the first day was spent at the shop. this is where I got nosey and want to learn more. I ended up learning not to get up so fast. I slid under the frame. Coming out I slid out about 16 inches. Unfortunately the slide is about 20 inches. Ended up at an urgent care and 8 staples to the top of the head.

Had to rest the next day. On the third day we went to Lassen Volcanic NP. For a drive and some hike. It was called Bumpass Hell. It was the longer way in to the sulfur and mud pots. could not get to close due to reconstruction of  the boardwalk over the area. But did pass Cold Boiling Lake in which bubbles come up from the underground. On the drive through the park we did pass a boing mud pot.

The another day we went to the Sundial Bridge for a 3 mile nature walk. The bridge has a sun dial and crosses the Sacramento River where salmon fishing is popular. It has a glass floor but is difficult to se through.

This finishes up our 6 months of RV living and 5 months of moving around the western US. This is only 9 states if I include our 60 mile drive through Idaho.20180927_09574920180927_08435920180927_08385420180927_10475120180927_10474320180927_10312420180927_09575320180927_11534120180927_11132920180927_11014420180927_14081520180927_13253020180927_12083120180927_12082620180927_15444920180927_14434420180927_14410820180927_14414920180929_09463520180929_09471920180929_09444620180929_09501320180929_09515520180929_09594220180929_10281520180929_10212220180929_10390120181016_16294820180924_12380720180924_12382520180924_12385920180924_123903

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