2018 October week 1 & 2

Sorry for the delay but  the pictures did  not upload. In San Diego and keeping busy.

The next stop on the travels was Lodi. A quick stop but a good stop. First place to stop at was a winery. Out on the edge of town but a nice little tasting room. After buying a few bottles, we ventured to downtown for lunch and a walk. The cheese shop was another chance to stock up on some cheeses.

The next day was a stop at  the Calivirgin olive oil tasting  room. we learned about the harvesting and processing of olives. This company adds fresh ingredients to the crushers as they are processing. Not infused for a fresher taste. Afterwards we went to the Lodi Lake Nature Walk & Park. Home to twenty or so deer and numerous plants and trees. Not totally stocked up on wine and wanting lunch we went to Michael David Winey. They have a nice garden area and were setting up the pumpkin patch.

After a busy 2 days we traveled further south on highway 99. After climbing a few thousand feet on a 25 mph winding road we arrived here at Yosemite Pines in Groveland, CA for a two week stay. No internet and no cell phone in the park. One restaurant we went to had cell phone service. We did get some reception in a few places on our journeys but to be out in the mountains feels so good. They have vintage trailers, cabins, yurts and covered wagons for rent those without trailers or motorhomes.

We traveled on some steep and winding roads. Our first adventure was CA-49 south towards Mariposa, the old mining town. The Merced river is super low. This is due to the drought and the fall season. The first town we came to was Coulterville. An old mining town and the first entrance to Yosemite. Lunch was at “the original Bon-Ton Café”. Not to be confused with the  one in Colorado Springs. Mariposa it the southern end of Yosemite. So we took that road back.

Being the weekend we decided to skip the park and went to downtown Coulterville. All 4 or 5 blocks long. Bragging rights to the oldest saloon in California.

In week 2 we did go to the park but will save that for another post. Jamestown was a town we wanted to get to as a western town and a movie railroad state park. Lots of  scenes from movies and TV shows where filmed in this park. The number 3 locomotive has it’s own makeup shed to change the stack out to fit the era. It is an oil burner and they just add coal or wood to the top for makeup.

Columbia State Park is another stop people should make if in the area. The preserved town has shops and museums. Great place to walk and get a feel for early western life.

Sonora is another tourist town we drove through but did not stop until we hit the hiking trail. old buildings but modern shops. The hike gave some nice overviews.

We did get to Yosemite on a few days. Did the valley and museums with a few hikes one day and drove around another day with a few short hikes





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