2019 January – week 1

We arrived in Alamogordo (fat cottonwood) to some warmer weather. While the kids in DC fight and argue, the White Sands National Monument has the gates locked.

The amp site is nice and we settled in for the week. First stop was the Three Rivers Petroglyphs Site (BLM land). We were greeted by the volunteer camp host who explained the trail and sites there and the old mission church up the road which included a stations of the cross site. The petroglyphs looked like an art class room with all the drawings. the church was open and lots of icons. The Stations of the Cross turned into a semi challenging hike. The first 5 where up hill. The next 9 were uphill in the snow from a couple of inches to about 5 at the top.

Saturday was movie and a drive around town. Lowes Supermarket had everything including a bar and grill. Sorry no pictures. which I had taken a few. Sunday brought rain showers and sent us to couple of more movies.

To get a little to detailed, Monday is usually the cleaning and kick back day and this was no exception.

Tuesday  was a day to get out and walk. We visited the nearby museum and had a history leson of the Tularosa Basin. From prehistoric to the latest on the wars in the middle east. This included displays of Navy ships names New Mexico and Alamagordo. Of course they talked about Holloman Air Base (USAF). Walk the old part of town but mainly that was vacant. Stopped for lunch before going to the city park zoo. Although small it was a pleasant experience and glad we stopped.

Looking at future travel plans US82 was not recommended by Good Sam for big rig travel so it was time for a jeep road trip to Cloudcroft. It was a fun day of driving and stopping at tourist shops. While a fun trip and glad  we did it we decided to take the recommended route 70 towards Roswell. By adding an hour to thedrive it was flatter but not without its upgrades but 4 lane road the whole way.

This second week sees us in Carlsbad.

From the museum we learned one of the rocks (which we missed) was pointed at the saddle of the mountais and coordinated with the soltices. Hence trcking time in the seasonal sense.


the name of the Church
Told this mission church is always open with no one around.
Not yet January 6th (Feast of Epiphany)
Out of order, but a big horn sheep with three arrows in it.
trailhead of the Stations. Station one in center  of picture.
looking back after passing Station One
Station 5 and the trail had no snow.
the final cross high and to the left. Now to find a way up.
Did pass all 14 Stations
looking down at the road in. Church is off  to the high left area.
to the right of this range is the Lady laying down. Needed a closer shot but did not take it.
great museum
Rare 47 star Flag never approved by congress as Arizona was to followa few month later
Exterior of the museum on the way to the zoo
Welcome sign
Puma or mountaim lion
US82 sign in Cloudcroft but a few in Alamogordo. Trucks over 65 feet prohibited. We are only 53 feet towing.
Half way up looking back towards Alamogordo
Viewing deck for the one trestle bridge.
going to the clouds railine bridge left in place
Downtown Cloudcroft
Hotel being renovated
High Altitude is a store down the way. someones Mom made it and they brought it to Dave’s Cafe. Of course Linda ordered it. She like it for a one time treat.
gift shop loaded with everything including fudge and apple pie.
At the pistachio store but we think we fit the description.
McGinns must be Irish.
a whole tasting table but tried this for all the bacon lovers.


Welcome to Carlsbad. More to come later.


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