2019 February – Week 1

In the first full week of February, we took out first trip to San Antonio. Visited the Alamo and took public transportation to tour 3 of the 4 Spanish missions. While California missions were no enclosed these were. The Apaches and others were hostile to the intruders. The final stop was dinner on the riverwalk

Kerrville has a riverwalk that is a concrete trail through a park. Wedid the south side which was close part of the way down. Afterwards, there was a Farmers Market in which we purchases fresh eggs, grass fed beef and fresh baked bread.

Kerrville Riverwalk


Herd of deer next to the campground.
Nice little surprise in Ingram in an artist area.


The Alamo. Nice history about Texas. Half of the problem was Mexico did not want anymore immigrants in this area of their country.
Tree at the well site is over 400 years old
From the 1968 World’s Fair is the tower. Top of it view will be on our second trip.


These were the Indian quarters with the back wall part of the enclosure.
These Missions still have active parishioners


Dinner along the Riverwalk. Street level.

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