2019 February – Weeks 2, 3 and 4

Week 2 was very active. Started by going to the LBJ ranch or better known as his western White House. Traveld to San Antonio for Hop on Hop off bus trip, Riverwalk cruise and then walking to the spots we wanted to go to.

Week 3 we had some rainy weather and took some drives in the Texas Hill Country.Week 4 was short and sweet. We planned our return to Colorado Springs route and timing. We also took time to plan our trip to Great Falls in mid May.

I should footnote and say we will be back in the Springs March 7th or 8th, Depending on the weather. May have high winds that are in the forcast. Our next adventure will start May 15th. Time to spend with the Grandkids oh yea, and their parents. It will be good to be back for a short while.


As noted prople live here as they did in the early 1900’s. One of the 10 children from the original family delivered LBJ.


The first VP to have a government issued plane. As president he refered to this as Air Force 1/2. Took him from Austin or Dallas to the ranch.


This was closed  to tours ar there are many needed structural repairs to make it safe. But the history and additions were of interest.


The school house he went to down the road from the ranch as a 4 year old. When it was time to attend school his Mom moved to town. This is where Title I and II were signed. The table is still there with a document.


Finally a picture of the Nimitz Hotel that houses the Nimitz part of the museum.
We enjoy the hop on hop off buses. This one we took full circle. This is the oldest VFW in Texas. Post 76 along the San Antonio River.
The Buckhorn Saloon houses one of the two Texas Ranger Museums. Did not make it there.
The Market Place or Mercado. All Mexican and Central/South American imports.
A super large indoor mall close to the Alamo. This is where we caught our riverwalk cruise.


This is a precast type of construction for the worlds fair. The first contractor fell way behind and Baron Hilton found a contractor to build the rooms complete with beds and curtain. It was  completed on time.
Outdoor Ampitheater
Castiron  steel members make up this bridge
I call this resturant row
The place we had lunch last week
Said to hold their remains. Major Travis, Crockett and Bowie. Located in the Cathederal
Walked back to take a lookand have some lunch.
From the Tower of the Americas.
The shopping or department store they built around the Church.
It was Walgreen before it was Walgreens. Third one built in Texas.
Nice truck for the volunteer department.
We went to the county museum which houses original buildings on site as well as others moved onto the 6 acres. German immigrants founded this area. Landing in the gulf and moving north. It was bilingual until WWII and then it was dropped.
One of the original kitchens
Traveld to the Texas Ranger Event Center. Had a little history lesson from the docent and learned  that the future plan is to move the Waco and San Antonio museums to this one location.
Next to the Ranger Event center. This is the fort that helped Fredricksburg grow into a thriving community.
Finally took a picture of their welcome sign.
State Park. We were going to take the easy 4 mile loop but the park has closed part of this trail. The detour took us up a rocky grade and then back down. Turkey Pass Trail.
We did not have to cross the high point but between to high points


Solid rock trail in this stretch
Back at the campground someone pointed out the catus in the tree.
Another try on the southern portion of the Kerrville riverwalk. It was open and we got 5 miles in. River is taking a detour


so it becomes a dry river bed but ready for a flood
Last picture taken on our February stay. Mosaic tile fish at the entrance to the park.

2 thoughts on “2019 February – Weeks 2, 3 and 4

  1. Ray
    Glad to hear you will be back in the Springs. If you have any time in your schedule let Bill and I know. Would like to get together for a bite to eat or whatever.


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