MAY 2018 week 2

Not sure what I did but the narrative is after the pictures.

20180509_17375220180510_19585820180511_10231620180511_10292920180511_10331520180511_10401320180511_10394220180511_10411920180511_10412820180511_10432820180511_11590120180512_07581220180512_07593320180512_08003720180512_08154720180512_08251720180513_09434220180513_10062720180513_14405720180513_14410620180513_18202920180514_10313220180514_10361120180514_11190920180514_11303420180514_11555120180514_12000920180514_12115720180514_12151120180514_13394020180514_13435420180514_13450120180514_13491120180514_13532420180514_13542220180514_13564920180514_141925Still surviving the heat we moved down the road to Picacho KOA. It is the site of a civil war battle (firefight). Also close to Coolidge where the Johnson clan grew up. We visited with Marge a little and spent the afternoon with Howard (step brother).

We hike a trail at Picacho State Park.

We traveled north to Goldfield Ghost Town in the Superstition Mountains. No we did not look for the “Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine”

We also took a drive to Green Valley to visit a Titan Missile Site Museum; There were 54 of these sites in 3 states that started in 1963 and ended in 1983 with the historic SALT treaty.

On the return venture we stopped at San Xavier Mission. It is still an active church that is being restored. Beautiful are the only words for it. It is on the Tohono O’Odham Nation reservation.

The nights were cool and the stars lit the sky.