MAY 2018 week one

It is June and time to get busy again. Thought I would have time here but the internet and mobile drvata are shakey at best in Westcliffe Colorado. With the pictures we have accumulated I thought it best to break it down by weeks.

Leaving Colorado we headed south for  Phoenix. there was a stopover in Grants NM at a KOA in a lava field. They had created a nice path of which to do our evening walk.

The next morning we began the final leg of the trek. Another super windy day and we hit a snag out side of Winslow. An awning arm popped out. We exited the freeway called a mobile repair. It took a trip to the hardware store but 2 1/2 hours later we were back on the road with the awning secured to the side of the rig. We final made it to Pioneer RV Resort a little after 5 p.m.

Thursday we visited with Bob and Pam Weller (Linda’s sister). The boat ride was canceled as the Weller’s ended up taking care of a sick Grandchild. I did get to ride in a 1957 Ford Fairlane with an 8 track tape playing Jimmy Buffet. Friday Linda and I went to Lake Pleasant and hiked up and down along the shoreline. Saturday we were off to downtown and Linda’s nursing reunion. It was a great time. I travel with some men who where raised in Phoenix and took a tour of the town. Linda and the nurses went to the hospital for a tour. One morning I took a hike in the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve. We spent one last day with the Weller’s. The Grandma’s went to the Doctors with Jameson while Bob and I put together a toy for Grant.

It was fast week and very enjoyable.20180501_08542820180501_12352020180501_13162120180501_18170020180501_18171920180501_18222320180502_11492920180503_10002920180503_10474820180503_10500320180503_10523520180503_11185620180503_11190720180504_06455920180504_06461820180506_09103420180507_07593320180507_08015820180507_08252420180507_08395220180507_08514920180507_085854fb_img_152571078684820180507_10451020180508_08225520180508_08351320180508_093906